Projects Update: It’s been crazy

CrazyWell, it’s been a rather crazy and chaotic few weeks.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone that has visited my blog.  I don’t make money from this.  I do it to share the knowledge that I accumulate.  For the 2012 calendar year, I had a total of 333 hits… for the entire year!  I must say that wasn’t really trying for an audience.  Rather, I started blogging just to document some things that I wanted maintain in a way that I could share with others.  However, in 2013, I actually gathered somewhat of a following and logged over 6000 hits, the lion share of those came after August.  It is humbling and an honor to have not only so many visitors but regulars that come back and reference my posts.  Thank you.

Now, I want to quickly let you know what I am working on and some of the projects I will be documenting in the near future.

  • Beaglebone Black Santa-CAM (after-magic report) – I had some issues with this but things worked out in the end
  • Beaglebone Black Santa-CAM upgrade – adding motion detection on it so it will fire when there’s something happening
  • Hand-made Wood Bench Plane – I will be finishing that up soon
  • Bunk Bed Underbed Storage (IKEA Kura bunk bed hack)
  • SteamOS beta Virtual Machine Install (on Oracle Virtual Box – this is going to be a hoot!)

So, check back often because the updates will be coming fast and furious!



Linux Noob: Accessing Network Resources

Even though my company is technology agnostic, my division runs on a Windows network.  After getting my new Fedora install stabilized, I started moving the network shortcuts I had backed up from Windows 7 to my Windows 7 VBox install.  I also included these in my host browsers so that I would have quick and easy access to my SVN repo, etc.  When I fired up the Windows 7, they worked without issue but I kept getting time-outs in Linux.

Terribly vexed, I wandered over to the Architect’s office and he showed me a way to get this working.  All I needed to do was modify the nsswitch.conf file.  Here’s what I did (as root):

cd /etc
cp nsswitch.conf nsswitch.conf_orig
nano nsswitch.conf

Then I changed the following line from:

 hosts:      files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns


hosts:      db files nisplus nis dns

After that, I tried rebooting my network service but that didn’t work.  After I rebooted, unfettered access to all the goodies was mine again.