Projects Update: It’s been crazy

CrazyWell, it’s been a rather crazy and chaotic few weeks.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone that has visited my blog.  I don’t make money from this.  I do it to share the knowledge that I accumulate.  For the 2012 calendar year, I had a total of 333 hits… for the entire year!  I must say that wasn’t really trying for an audience.  Rather, I started blogging just to document some things that I wanted maintain in a way that I could share with others.  However, in 2013, I actually gathered somewhat of a following and logged over 6000 hits, the lion share of those came after August.  It is humbling and an honor to have not only so many visitors but regulars that come back and reference my posts.  Thank you.

Now, I want to quickly let you know what I am working on and some of the projects I will be documenting in the near future.

  • Beaglebone Black Santa-CAM (after-magic report) – I had some issues with this but things worked out in the end
  • Beaglebone Black Santa-CAM upgrade – adding motion detection on it so it will fire when there’s something happening
  • Hand-made Wood Bench Plane – I will be finishing that up soon
  • Bunk Bed Underbed Storage (IKEA Kura bunk bed hack)
  • SteamOS beta Virtual Machine Install (on Oracle Virtual Box – this is going to be a hoot!)

So, check back often because the updates will be coming fast and furious!


Gimme More, You Ask? You Got It

happy_beagle_by_victoroflatviaHappy Friday!  I’m working on a few new posts for the BeagleBone Black including backups, mounting external hard drives, partitioning the 8GB sd-card I have for extra storage, BBB LAMP server… whew!

It’s gonna be a busy weekend.  Check back because there’s going to be a lot coming shortly.

Trying Out a New Theme

wordpressI guess it was a little over a year ago that I started with the Choco theme.  While it was fun for a while, it’s become clear that it’s difficult to read, so I’m trying out the “Twenty Eleven” theme from the WordPress team.

So far, I like it.  Let me know if you think it’s easier to read, what you love, hate, etc.

Blogging with a Mac Part 2 – Blogo

So, last night, I started out looking for a great blog editor for use on my Mac. My first attempt was a bust but the second attempt was not bad. I wasn’t doing back flips for having to pay for an editor I’m not crazy about but the editor got the job done with minimal fuss. Tonight, I am giving my next candidate, Blogo from

Download and setup was pretty straightforward. The initial startup of the app helps you get your blog configured or will help you create a new one. You can also setup your YouTube, Flikr, and other accounts for easy import to your blog.

Basic blog entry is easy enough. The editor is a WYSIWYG with a button to toggle back and forth between html markup and rich text. Pre-configured categories can be easily added as well as adding new ones ad-hoc. Media can be easily added by dragging it to a drop box. A nice feature is that you can do simple editing on pictures that you add. Nice touch. Finally, all the buttons have tool tips making using the application incredibly intuitive.

This is really an easy application to use and I am very happy with it. With a 21 day evaluation period, you have plenty of time to kick the tires before plunking down $25 for the unnagged version.

Give them a try. Go to and check out all the features (most not mentioned here)l.

This blog was written using Blogo.

UPDATE: After posting, I had a little trouble aligning the picture at the top of the this blog. The picture edit feature didn’t really help me much. Instead of trying to fix it, I left it the way the app put it up. meh.