Guitar Builds

guitarIn the below pages, are some of the projects that I have been working on (or are in the planning stages) related to building and/or modifying guitars.  I got started doing this a in October of 2011 when a friend of mine pulled out his Fender American Strat and told me how much he paid for it.  I stupidly said that I could put one together for a fraction of the price that would sound as good if not better.  He called my bluff and thus began a horribly exciting and expensive past-time.

  • Fender Squier Refit
  • Les Paul (copy) build (FireGuts) — working on post
  • Pining for a Tele — working on post
  • The Noisy Cricket (solid state, 1/2 watt amp)
  • The Barking Spider Amp (Like a Noisy Cricket but with 2 watts an a reverb and tone stack) – Working on this right after I get a Noise Cricket under my belt
  • The Tube Cricket (solid state/tube hybrid amp) — planning
  • Pickup Winder — planning

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