JMeter – Results Tree DateTime Conversion

Jakarta_jmeter_logoThis is more of a note to myself but feel free to use it.

This week, I have been performing load testing on a site at work.  After completing the first round of testing, I went to look at the data which was saved as a CSV file and discovered that the datetime stamp was an epoch.  While this is normally not an issue, I struggled with the conversion in the spreadsheet for a while until I finally cracked the nut.  Here’s the formula:


I won’t pretend to understand all of this.  However, the ‘14400000’ is the number of hour in milliseconds from GMT.  Gotta run… Use great power with responsibility 🙂



Ubuntu on BeagleBone Black

beagle_squareLast week, I finally became frustrated with Angstrom on my BeagleBone Black.  It’s could be that I have no patience for it.  Or It could be that I need more time with it.  Either way, it caused me to creatively string together new manifestations of my “Football words” and we’ll just leave it at that.

Without looking back, I just burned it to the ground and grabbed the Ubuntu image and burned it to my 8GB card. Without issue, it ran fine.  I am not running any of these systems via a monitor, just via SSH.  I put the SD card in, rebooted and SSH’d to it.  I was so impressed with how easy it worked, I’m hooked.  I installeed java, maven and repeated my Karaf install as well.  I got nutty and installed apache web server and mysql just because I could and it was wicked easy.  Oh yeah, I thought my wireless adaptor was defective because I just wasn’t able to get it working on Angstrom.  It took about 15 minutes to get it working under Ubuntu.

Though I won’t call my time with Angstrom a waste, I will say that it’s just not my cup of tea and I felt right at home with Ubuntu.  My next project is to see if I can get one or two different CMSs running on it so I can say that I did.  I will post a walk-through for how I set up Ubuntu on the BBB and some How-Tos for some of the apps but they really are fairly simple.

UPDATE:  Read my newest post on setting up Ubuntu on the BeagelBone Black, a multi-part series.

Adobe CQ – Auto Formatting in CRXDE Lite

Adobe-CQ-264x300A nice, little touch to make the world a better place…

This morning, I happened upon a post from Darren on the LiveCycle Development Kit Blog.  He describes a quick technique to format the code in CRXDE Lite by simply highlighting a block of code and clicking SHIFT+CTRL.  Imaging my surprise when it actually worked!!! He mentions that it works in Chrome, Firefox and IE but I have yet to test that.  My initial test was on CRX v2.4.22

However, I did test it with the CRX v2.2.0.68 and it does not work.  ;(

Most of us where I work have stopped using CRXDE Lite for the primary development IDE for out web apps since we worked out the integration with Eclipse.  However, I still find myself back in CRXDE Lite from time to time and this is a nice way for me to keep it tidy.

Thanks Darren!

Apache Karaf on BeagleBone Black

beagle_squareLast night, I finally accepted the challenge thrown down by a co-worker (Architect’s Log).  I recently received my BBB and have been getting familiar with the environment.

First, I jumped right into the terminal of Angstrom, the preloaded linux distro.  It took a little while but I’m getting used to some of the nuances.  I started off with following the BeagleBone Linux 101 guide which seems to track pretty close to my experience.  SUDO is not available in the package download but I found a site where I could download and manually install to get running.

The next step was to get Java running.  I downloaded the jdk-7u25-linux-arm-sfp.tar.gz from the Java SE Downloads page but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore… jdk-7u21-linux-arm-sfp.tar.gz will work too.

I added Java to my path and tested.  Here’s my method:

  • add the uncompressed folder to /opt (had to create)
  • create symbolic link to this folder called java.  i.e. ln -s /opt/jdk1.7.0_25 java
  • add this to my .bashrc: “export JAVA_HOME=/opt/java
  • and this as last line: “export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$MAVEN/bin:” (did I forget to mention I installed maven too?  Don’t worry… that’s coming up).
  • restart the BBB: shutdown -r now
  • after server returns test with “java -version” and bask in the glory

So, then I installed maven nearly the same exact way.


I should add that I created a HOSTS entry for the ethernet interface for my BBB.Finally, I downloaded the source for karaf 2.3.2.  Once unpacked, I followed the instructions in the BUILDING file.  This didn’t go so well for me.  The build goes on for about 15 mins and then failed.  I tried a couple times but didn’t feel like debugging the issue (it was getting late).  I downloaded v.3.0.1.rc1 binary.  After unpacking to /opt I fired it up and it ran like a champ.  I even fired up the webconsole with “feature:install webconsole“.  Finally, on my laptop (on the same network), I navigate to http://beaglebone.local:8181/system/console/

So, the process worked but this is just the beginning.  Now I need to begin writing bundles to run on the BBB.  Check back to see how that goes.

Software Development Toolbox

Shortly, I will be doing a series of posts for people who want to get a start in building their own web sites but don’t know where to start. This will be aimed towards beginners and non-technical individuals to get you started in creating a web presence. If you have any suggestions for types of technologies you would like to see, please drop me a note