Noisy Cricket – Part 2 – Parts Arrival

cricketI was beginning to think that the United States Post Office had fallen in love with my Noisy Cricket parts but today, they finally arrived.  Only three days late… Way to go USPS!

When I got home today, I was greeted with my box of goodies containing the parts (plus some extras) to make up on Noisy Cricket.  I ordered a couple of upgrades so I can have a separate LED for my grit switch.  I pulled everything out from the copious amounts of packing peanuts to find that everything but my potentiometers made it.  I’m not worried because I forgot to get sockets for the ICs and the transistors, so I will be placing another order soon.

Maybe the Post Office can maybe NOT route my stuff through the South Pole this time.

Here’s some pictures of my parts…

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Noisy Cricket – Part One

cricketA couple weeks ago, I posted about building the Noisy Cricket, a small 1 watt solid-state guitar amp. Earlier this week, I ordered the parts to build one. The parts are coming from Mammoth Electronics . They have a good selection of parts and good prices as well. Their target demographic is diy pedal makers, so they had everything I needed.

Unfortunately, the order didn’t ship in time to make it here before the holiday weekend. I looks like sometime Tuesday and I will post up pictures of all the goodies when I get them.

Noisy Cricket – A New Project

cricketWhile I had some downtime with the Fireguts and Pining for a Tele projects, I was looking for a small amp building project when I came across the Noisy Cricket developed by Beavis Audio Research.  This is perfect for me and I’m headed out to pick up the parts.  Woo Hoo… another project to blog about.