Ubuntu on BeagleBone Black

beagle_squareLast week, I finally became frustrated with Angstrom on my BeagleBone Black.  It’s could be that I have no patience for it.  Or It could be that I need more time with it.  Either way, it caused me to creatively string together new manifestations of my “Football words” and we’ll just leave it at that.

Without looking back, I just burned it to the ground and grabbed the Ubuntu image and burned it to my 8GB card. Without issue, it ran fine.  I am not running any of these systems via a monitor, just via SSH.  I put the SD card in, rebooted and SSH’d to it.  I was so impressed with how easy it worked, I’m hooked.  I installeed java, maven and repeated my Karaf install as well.  I got nutty and installed apache web server and mysql just because I could and it was wicked easy.  Oh yeah, I thought my wireless adaptor was defective because I just wasn’t able to get it working on Angstrom.  It took about 15 minutes to get it working under Ubuntu.

Though I won’t call my time with Angstrom a waste, I will say that it’s just not my cup of tea and I felt right at home with Ubuntu.  My next project is to see if I can get one or two different CMSs running on it so I can say that I did.  I will post a walk-through for how I set up Ubuntu on the BBB and some How-Tos for some of the apps but they really are fairly simple.

UPDATE:  Read my newest post on setting up Ubuntu on the BeagelBone Black, a multi-part series.


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