Linux Noobie: Built-in Link Checker – WGET

wgetAt work, we found that we needed a simple way to spider one of our sites just to get response times. We didn’t need anything too complex but we did need to have the spider run locally. I did some Googling and found a lot of open solutions but there was usually something not exact to our requirements. Then I rediscovered WGET.

What a wonderful tool. I have been using it since the beginning to snatch files off the web but I had no idea that it was able to actually spider a site.  Here’s the command that I started with:

wget --spider --force-html -r
  • ‘–spider’ option tells wget not to download anything
  • ‘-r’ option tells wget to recurse the entire site
  • ‘–level=n’ is an option that could be used to limit the recursive depth

One of the best features with this command is that it’s pretty much universal throughout linux installs which is extremely handy for me.


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