Fireguts: Rewired

hmmmYeah, I had to rewire the LP.  To summarize, I had the bridge and neck pickups switched around at the the selector switch, and while attempting some minor repairs, messed up the switch.  Well, that is done but I did learn a few things about working with LPs.

First thing you need to do is your wiring.  Since the wires go through small channels between the switch and the control cavity, you need to get them in place first.  This I did.

Next, give yourself some extra slack on the wires so if you make mistakes, you can easily fix them.  I did NOT do this and paid the price of having to take everything off.  I had to remove the pickups, and the wires.  I tried to use one old wire to guide in a couple new ones.  It’s a long story but I ended up making things worse, so I just bit the bullet, took off the strings, the pickups and rewired the whole bloody thing.  I feel better about it.

I also revisited the grounding wire for the tail piece bushing.  I tucked it in real good.  I know I’m getting continuity but I still have a buzz.  Maybe it’s the switch.  This is burgling my chi.  It might also be the pickups that cost $10.00 for both.  Either way, Seymour Duncan’s will find a new home here.  Just not today.

Finally, I wired up the Sprague Orange Drops and tested the output.  Everything is wired correctly with no scratchy pots or switch.  And yes…. the switch is wired correctly now.

Tonight, I will restring it and do another setup on it.  Maybe I’ll post a clip here.


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