Local Electronics Surplus for the Win

Orange DropsI posted a couple of days ago about my newest project, the noisy cricket.  Well, I started sourcing the parts at Radio Shack, but I honestly didn’t feel much love there.  You see, Radio Shack really wants to be the cell phone shack and their stock of electronics components pales to what they used to carry.  So, I paid more than sourcing from mouser.com but I found a couple of things I needed to get started.

Yesterday, I made my way over to my local electronic s component surplus store, Skycraft, and had a field day.  If you’re a builder/maker, these kinds of stores are perfect for you.  I was able to find most of my missing parts but I came across this.  First, I noticed that Stewmac.com sells Sprague Orange Drop capacitors for $2.99.  I know lots of guys that like these caps and would gladly pay that or more for them.  Skycraft had a bucket of them for $.50.  Guess what I’m doing tonight?

Dont get me wrong, I love Stewmac and Radio Shack has pulled my bum out of the fire a few times but neither Stewmac nor Radio Shack are geared up to source electronic components.  I did a comparison to what I spent at the shack and the equivalent with Mouser.com.  Mouser was easily half the cost, had a better selection, and aside from one part (2N5951 FET), had everything I needed.

I think I need to head back to the shack to do some returns.


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