Linux Noob : DVDs From Ubuntu to Android

handbrakeA few months back, I bought a bunch of instructional dvds for guitar but I found that with my current household situation, I was constantly battling for control over the TV.  Bubble Guppies and Backyardigans wins everytime.  So, the videos sat unwatched and my sad guitars were played with the same old tunes.

I decided that since I had recently received a Kindle Fire for Father’s day, I could try to rip the DVDs down to manageable size and load them up on the Kindle.  With my primary OS being Ubuntu and my constant experiment to find software that handles the tasks previously left to Windows, I started looking for something that could decode the DVDs with with quality.

I did some searching around and discovered that Handbrake is the defacto standard for doing this within the community.  However, getting it ON my Ubuntu machine turned out to be a bit of a challenge.  That is until I found this post:

Within 5 mins, I had what I needed, no fuss, no crap.

Thank you,  You rock! (and soon, so shall I)  🙂

UPDATE:  The first DVD I ripped came out to about 470 MB.  Perfect for keeping my favorite lessons on the Kindle


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