Apache Karaf on BeagleBone Black

beagle_squareLast night, I finally accepted the challenge thrown down by a co-worker (Architect’s Log).  I recently received my BBB and have been getting familiar with the environment.

First, I jumped right into the terminal of Angstrom, the preloaded linux distro.  It took a little while but I’m getting used to some of the nuances.  I started off with following the BeagleBone Linux 101 guide which seems to track pretty close to my experience.  SUDO is not available in the package download but I found a site where I could download and manually install to get running.

The next step was to get Java running.  I downloaded the jdk-7u25-linux-arm-sfp.tar.gz from the Java SE Downloads page but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore… jdk-7u21-linux-arm-sfp.tar.gz will work too.

I added Java to my path and tested.  Here’s my method:

  • add the uncompressed folder to /opt (had to create)
  • create symbolic link to this folder called java.  i.e. ln -s /opt/jdk1.7.0_25 java
  • add this to my .bashrc: “export JAVA_HOME=/opt/java
  • and this as last line: “export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin:$MAVEN/bin:” (did I forget to mention I installed maven too?  Don’t worry… that’s coming up).
  • restart the BBB: shutdown -r now
  • after server returns test with “java -version” and bask in the glory

So, then I installed maven nearly the same exact way.


I should add that I created a HOSTS entry for the ethernet interface for my BBB.Finally, I downloaded the source for karaf 2.3.2.  Once unpacked, I followed the instructions in the BUILDING file.  This didn’t go so well for me.  The build goes on for about 15 mins and then failed.  I tried a couple times but didn’t feel like debugging the issue (it was getting late).  I downloaded v.3.0.1.rc1 binary.  After unpacking to /opt I fired it up and it ran like a champ.  I even fired up the webconsole with “feature:install webconsole“.  Finally, on my laptop (on the same network), I navigate to http://beaglebone.local:8181/system/console/

So, the process worked but this is just the beginning.  Now I need to begin writing bundles to run on the BBB.  Check back to see how that goes.