Linux Noob: Accessing Network Resources

Even though my company is technology agnostic, my division runs on a Windows network.  After getting my new Fedora install stabilized, I started moving the network shortcuts I had backed up from Windows 7 to my Windows 7 VBox install.  I also included these in my host browsers so that I would have quick and easy access to my SVN repo, etc.  When I fired up the Windows 7, they worked without issue but I kept getting time-outs in Linux.

Terribly vexed, I wandered over to the Architect’s office and he showed me a way to get this working.  All I needed to do was modify the nsswitch.conf file.  Here’s what I did (as root):

cd /etc
cp nsswitch.conf nsswitch.conf_orig
nano nsswitch.conf

Then I changed the following line from:

 hosts:      files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns


hosts:      db files nisplus nis dns

After that, I tried rebooting my network service but that didn’t work.  After I rebooted, unfettered access to all the goodies was mine again.



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